Google Calendar Data

To use DuxCal, you'll need to share the freebusy status of your calendar. It's really easy to do. The video above shows the entire process in 23 seconds! If screenshots are more your style, there's an outline of the process below and a full set of screenshots to support it.

  1. Click the grid icon to bring up the list of google apps
  2. Click on "Calendar" icon, or click here:
  3. Click the gear icon
  4. Click "Settings"
  5. Click "Calendars"
  6. Click "Share this calendar"
  7. Click "Make this calendar public"
  8. Click "Share only my free/busy information" (Hide details)
  9. Save!

Note: Google business accounts will have a slightly different last screen. Both the personal and business account screens are shown below.

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